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Creating a thesis summary is the most vital step after writing your actual thesis. It is an essential introduction or a precise introductory statement that stays right at the beginning of the research work. So, Scholars want to create a very powerful first impression of their research work among readers? Then, a well-written summary is the best component. Lottery Sambad Given that significance, Research Dunia helps you in getting your complete summary approval making sure that all the required details are in a proper manner. PhD summary writing service at Research Dunia is written by professional writers in proper format as required by the universities. 

Qualities of a Good Summary

  • A good summary has the following qualities:
  • uses one or more well developed concise paragraphs
  • uses an introduction/body/conclusion structure which presents the purpose, results, conclusions, and recommendations 
  • provides logical connections between the information included
  • adds no new information, but simply summarizes

Important steps for writing effective Summary

  • To write an effective summary, follow these steps:
  • write the summary after you have finished the thesis
  • use your headings and table of contents as a guide to writing your summary

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