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PhD Admission in World - PhD Entrance Exam in World

Get all the details about (Part Time/ Full Time) Ph.D. Admissions in World 2020 such as eligibility criteria, application process, admission process, Registration Procedure, Notification, Coursework Schedule, Interview, and Fee Structure

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PhD Admission Open

Notification for Ph.D. Programs

 Well in advance notification for admission to the PhD. (Full time or Part time) Programs of different Schools/ Centres/Institutions shall he put on the University Website or through advertisement in at least  two national news papers of which at least one shall be in the Hindi Language twice in a year, which includes the details of Ph.D. Programs that is the subjects in which Ph.D. Programmes are available, the disciplines, area of research in which research facility and research guides are available, criteria for admission, admission procedure, examination centres where the entrance test shall be conducted and all other relevant information for the benefit of the candidates/ applicants.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission to the Ph.D. Programs

The following candidates are eligible to seek admission to the Ph.D. (full time or part time) programs in any Govt, Private, Central, and Deemed University of India

  • Candidates for admission to the Ph.D. Programs shall have a masters degree or a professional degree declared equivalent to the Master's Degree by the University statutory body with at least 55% marks in aggregate or its equivalent grade 'B' in the UGC- 7 point scale (or an equivalent grade in a point scale wherever grading system is followed) or an equivalent degree from a foreign educational institution accredited by an Assessment and Accreditation agency which is approved, recognized or authorized by an authority, established or incorporated under the law in its home country or any other statutory authority in that country for the purpose of assessing, accrediting or assuring quality and standards of educational institutions.
  • Candidates who have cleared the M.Phil. by course work with at least 55% marks aggregate or its equivalent grade 'B' in the UGC-7 - Point scale (or an equivalent grade in a point scale wherever grading system is followed ) and successfully, completing the M.PhiI. Degree shall be eligible to proceed to do research work leading to the Ph.D Degree in the same Institution in an integrated program. A relaxation of 5% of marks, from 55% to 50%, or an equivalent relaxation of grade, may be allowed for those belonging to SC/ST/013C (non-creamy Iayer)/differently-abled and other categories of candidates as per the decision of the UGC from time to time.
  • A person whose M.Phil. Dissertation has been submitted/ evaluated and the viva - voce is pending may be admitted to the Ph.D. Program of the same Institution.
  • Candidates possessing a Degree considered equivalent to M.Phil. Degree of an Indian Institution, Lottery Sambad from a Foreign Educational Institution accredited by an Assessment and Accreditation Agency which is approved,
    recognized or authorized by an authority, established or incorporated under a law in its home country or any other statutory authority in that country for the purpose of assessing, accrediting or assuring quality and standards of educational institutions, shall be eligible for admission to Ph.D programs.

Note: - The University always encourages inter-disciplinary research activities.

Duration of Ph.D. Programs 

  • Ph.D. Programs shall be for a minimum duration of three years including course work and a maximum of six years from the date of admission to Ph.D. program for the full time Ph.D. Scholars.
  • Ph.D. Program shall be for a minimum duration of 4.5 years including course work and maximum of 7.5 years from the date of admission to Ph.D. program for the part time Ph.D. Scholars.
  • The above period can be extended by one more year by the Vice-chancellor under special and genuine circumstances. No further extension shall be granted and the registration to Ph.D. shall stand cancelled after the expiry of 7 years for full time Ph.D. Scholar and 8.5 years for part time Ph.D. Scholar automatically.
  • The President may permit a candidate to get re-registered on the same topic on payment of a re-registration fee as decided by the University from time to time for a further period of two years. The requirement of regular attendance shall not be applicable to such re- registered candidates. In such a case, the candidate shall have to apply to the University, through the HOI/Director/Coordinator of the School/Institution/Centre one month before the expiry of the last extension period. If the candidate is unable to submit his/her thesis in the stipulated period his/her registration for Ph.D. Shall stand automatically cancelled and the University shall not be bound to inform the Candidate about the cancellation of registration.
  • The women candidates and persons with disability (more than 40% disability) may be allowed a relaxation of one year or two years for Ph.D. in the maximum duration in addition the women candidates may be provide maternity leave/ child care leave once in the entire duration of Ph.D. for up to 240 days.

Note -1: Application for an extension can only be considered if it has been recommended by the Research Supervisor through HOI/ Director/Coordinator of the School/Institution/Centre.

Note -2: Extension of period after 6 years shall not be automatic. Application for extension shall be considered if recommended by the Research Supervisor and then submitted to the office of the Director/HOD/Coordinator of the concerned school/Institution /Centre, 4-6 months prior to the date or expiry of 6 years. 

Procedure for Admission 

Eligible candidate seeking admission for Ph.D. Programs must apply to the University on the prescribed application form available on the University Website. The duly completed application form with the prescribed fee shall be submitted online or offline to the University, on or before the notified date.

The hard copy of the duly filled application form shall be submitted to the office of the Dean Academics, University accompanied by the following duly attested documents/ certificates.

(i) Documents supporting all academic qualifications (secondary/High school/Higher secondary/ Intermediate/ (10+2)1 graduate/ post graduate, Diploma/ M.Phil etc.) Attested copies of mark sheets/grade sheet and related degree certificate.

(ii) Date of birth certificate preferably high school certificate

(iii) Identity, proof (copy of Aadhar card or Pan card or passport or voter

(iv) Documents supporting his/her previous work experience, if any

(v) Prescribed application fee, receipt, as applicable

(vi) No objection certificate (NOC) from the employer" in case of candidate is employed.

(vii) Migration certificate,

(viii) Caste (ST/SC/ OBC (Non creamy layer') Certificate issued by competent authority.

*Certificate should not be older than 6 months.

(ix) Differently-abled categories certificate (if any) issued by competent authority.

All the eligible candidates will be called for an entrance test on the prescribed date and time by the University and the entrance test shall be conducted with qualifying marks as 50%. The syllabus of the entrance test shall consist of 50% research methodology programme, 50% shall be subject specific.

After qualifying the entrance test a personal interview of the candidates will be required by the University, where the candidates are required to discuss their research interest/area. The interview shall also consider the following aspect, viz, whether

(i)                  The candidate possesses the competence for the proposed research;

(ii)                The research work can be suitably undertaken at the Institution/ School / Centre.

(iii)               The proposed area of research can contribute to new/ additional knowledge.

Note:  the candidates who has qualified TJGC/CSIR (JRF of LS) examinations/NET/SLET/GATE or is holder of teacher fellowship or have passed M.Phil. Degree from a recognized University may be exempted from the University entrance written test. However, they shall be required to appear for personal interview before the interview committee on the date notified by the University to discuss their proposed research area.

All the eligible candidates of foreign nationality will be examined through SKYPE (online mode) by a selection board of experts appointed by president of the University.

Types of Ph.D. 

Full time Ph.D. Program.

  • In full time Ph.D. Program, the candidate shall be required to remain present in the School/Institution/Centre till the submission of his/her Ph.D. Thesis. She/he shall also have to undertake minimum 6 hours per week of academic work load (if required) as assigned by the HOI/Director/Coordinator of the School/Centres/Institution besides the Course work and Ph.D. work. Such registered candidates are eligible to receive assistance ship or fellowships/scholarship from CSIR/ UGC/ ICMR/ICSSR/ or University/ any funding agency,

Part time Ph.D. Program.

  • In part time Ph.D. Program, the candidate is supposed to be sponsored by National or International level of Public sector undertaking / Research and Development organization/ Private Organizations/Industries/ service sectors/Educational Institutions and any other state and central Government organizations, where adequate infrastructure exists for carrying out research work. All such Candidates shall have to remain at least one semester in the concerned School/ Institutions/Centre for carrying out the requisite Course work as per the UGC norms prescribed by the University. This also includes the academic and non academic employees of University. 

Pre requisite for Ph.D. Synopsis

Course work: All the candidates admitted to the Ph.D. programs shall be required to complete the course work prescribed by the University during the initial one or two semesters.

  • The credit assigned to the Ph.D. course work shall be 12 credits, where three credits shall be assigned to the Research Methodology and three credits to Review of published Research work, Other courses shall be advanced level courses of the relevant field/subject/interdisciplinary areas as the case may be to prepare for the research student for Ph.D. degree prescribed by the University.
  • A candidate has to obtain a minimum of 55% of marks or its equivalent grade in the UGC 7 point scale (or an equivalent grade/ CGPA on a point scale where grading system is followed ) in the Course work in order to be eligible to continue in the program and submit the thesis.
  • Candidates already holding M.Phil. degree and admitted to the PhD. program, or those who have already completed the course work in M.Phil. and have been permitted to proceed to the Ph.D. in integrated course, may be exempted by the University form the Ph.D.  course work. All other candidates admitted to the Ph.D. programme shall be required to complete the Ph.D. course work of 12 credits prescribed by the School/Institution/centre.
  • Maximum number of attempts allowed for Ph.D. course work shall be two (2). If a candidate fails in both the attempts then his/her admission to Ph.D. course work /Ph.D. program shall be cancelled. The candidate may be permitted to take re-admission in the Ph.D. program.
  • Attendance of the candidate in the Ph.D. course work shall be monitored in the same way as per ordinance for U.G. and P.G. courses of the University. If a candidate does not fulfill the attendance as per requirement then he/she shall be debarred from appearing in the examination.

Note: - Initially a candidate is admitted in Ph.D. program, after qualifying Ph.D. entrance test and interview followed by registration after the specific recommendation of DRC/RDC on successful completion of Ph.D. course work. 

DRC/RDC and its functions 

The RDC shall consist of the following members

1. President/ Nominee of the President (Dean faculty) : Chairperson

2. Dean faculty Co-chairman

3. Director/ HOT/ coordinator of the concern School/Centre/Institute: Member secretary.

4. Faculty members - (One) professor/ Associate professor/ Assistant professor (other than research supervisor) having the knowledge of research area of the candidate Member

5. Research supervisor: Member

6. Co-Supervisor member

7. Two subject experts (Professors/ Associate professor/ Senior scientist or equivalent) from any University/Institution, to be nominated by the President from the panel of experts submitted by the concerned Director/1-101/Coordinator Member

Note: At least four members form the quorum for the meeting of the DRC/RDC, However, presence of at least one external subject expert is essential for holding any meeting of DRC/RDC.

Functions of DRC/RDC:

DRC/RDC shall examine the preliminary synopsis of the proposed Ph.D. for registration and shall give a clear report as

·         The topic and the synopsis is approved

·         Submit the synopsis again after incorporating the changes suggested by DRC/RDC

·         Resubmit the proposal for the next DRC/RDC after incorporating the major suggestion by DRC/RDC

·         Reject the proposal and prepare the fresh proposal

Recommendation of change of guide if necessary

Approval of change of title/topic of research, if required

Recommendation of change of work place by the candidate, if required.

Recommendation to change full time to part time or vice-versa within one year only

Any other matter related to the research.

The minutes of the DRC/RDC meeting shall be submitted to the office of Dean Academics for approval of the President and subsequent ratification by the Academic council by Director/HOI/

 Research Advisory Committee RAC and its functions :

The Student Research Advisory Committee shall consist of the following members:

Research Supervisor...... Convener

One expert faculty member__ Member

Functions of Research Advisory Committee:

This committee shall have the responsibility to review the research proposal and finalize the topic of research to be submitted to the Research Advisory Committee:

  • To guide the research scholar to develop the study design and methodology of research and identify the course(s) that he/she may have to do.
  • To periodically review and assist in progress of research work of research scholar.

A research scholar shall appear before the Research Advisory committee once in six months to make a presentation of the progress of his/her work for evaluation and further guidance. The six monthly progress reports shall be submitted by the Research Advisory Committee to the Institution/Centre/School with a copy to the research scholar and same may be forwarded to the office to the Dean. Academics

In case the progress of the research scholar is not satisfactory, the research Advisory committee shall record the reasons for the same and suggest corrective measures. If the research scholar fails to implement these corrective measures, the Research Advisory Committee may recommend to the institution/College with specific reasons for cancellation of the registration of the research scholar.

Allocation of Research Supervisor

Eligibility criteria to be a research supervisor and Co- supervisor

  • Any regular Professor of the University with Ph.D. and at least five research publications in refereed journals (with ISSN NO and any regular Associate/ Assistant Professor of the University with a PhD. Degree and at least two research publications in refereed journals (with ISSN No.) may be recognized as Research Supervisor.
  • Provided that in areas, Disciplines wherever there is no or only a limited number of refereed journals, the President may relax the above condition for recognition of a person as Research Supervisor
  • Only a full time regular faculty member of the University can act as a supervisor, the external supervisors are not allowed. However, co-Supervisor can be allowed in inter- disciplinary areas from other School/Institute/Centre of the same University or from other related institution / industry with the approval of the DRC/RDC.
  • The allocation of Research Supervisor for a selected research scholar shall be decided by a three member committee consisting of HOI/Coordinator/Director, one senior most faculty and one other faculty member for each School/ Institution/centre concerned depending on the number of scholars per Research Supervisor, the available specialization among the faculty and research interest of the scholar as indicated by him/her at the time of admission.
  • In case of topics, which are of inter-disciplinary nature where the Department concerned feels that the expertise in the School/ Institution/ Centre has to be supplemented from outside, the School/Institution/Centre may appoint a Research Supervisor from the School/Institution/Centre itself who shall be known and Co-Supervisor from outside the University on the terms and conditions that he/she has to submit his/her bio data and an undertaking/acceptance/consent for supporting the scholar in his research area.
  • A recognized supervisor shall be eligible to supervise even after his superannuation.
  • A retired professor/ Associate professor/senior scientist or equivalent in the concern subject if approved by the DRC/RDC shall also be permitted to act as co- supervisor.
  • A person approved by DRC/RDC can act as a Co-supervisor.
  • Professor Emeritus shall be eligible to continue to act as a Research Supervisor.

Note: A close relative/ blood relative of the candidate cannot function as research supervisor or co - supervisor. 

Progress Report 

  • The candidate shall give the presentation of his/her research work before the research advisory committee (RAC) and submit a progress Report in every 6 months (not later than 3 weeks of completing 6 months) to the university,
  • The progress Report shall be signed by the candidate, Supervisor and Director/Coordinator/ HOI of Centre/School/Institute.

Place of work

  • The School/ Centre/ Institute in the University shall be the place of work for the full time candidates.
  • In case of a part time candidate, Research Laboratory Institution/University/Industry/Centre where the candidate works or the co supervisor works and which has the required research facilities and there is formal permission to use the laboratory by the student of his/her research work, can also be the place of work in addition to the University, subject to approval of DRC/RDC.

Note: In case the candidate or the Co -supervisor changes his/her work place, the new work place of the candidate may also be changed to the new work place of the candidate or the co supervisor, the candidate is required to seek prior approval from the DRC/RDC for any such Change.

Change of Supervisor:

  •  The change of Research Supervisor can be permitted by the President on the recommendation of DRC/RDC on production of the No Objection certificates (NOC) from the earlier supervisor for the Ph. D. Scholar.
  • President on the recommendations of the DRC/RDC may permit the Research supervisor who has left the University or has retired from the University service, to continue as the supervisor.
  • In case of non-availability of the co supervisor for any reason, the President, on the recommendations of the DRC/RDC, can either permit another Co-supervisor or allow the candidate to work and submit the thesis under the Research Supervisor alone.

Cancellation of Registration

  • The registration of a candidate to a Ph. D. Program may be cancelled automatically, on the expiry of the period of extension granted by the Vice-Chancellor or the maximum time allowed under clause 14 as the case may be, in case the extension has not been sought form the President.
  • If the candidate is found involved in an act of gross indiscipline, unlawful activities, plagiarism and/or any such activity that may endanger the peace in the University campus.
  •  The progress of the research scholar is unsatisfactory and the DRC/RDC shall record the reasons for the same and suggest corrective measures. If the research scholar fails to implement these corrective measures, the DRC/RDC recommend to the University with specific reasons of the cancellation of the registration of the research scholar.

Submission of Thesis

  • Ph.D. scholar must publish at least 2 (two) research papers in refereed journal (with ISSN No.) and make two research paper presentation in symposium/conference/ seminar before the submission of the thesis for adjudication, and produce evidence for the same in the form of presentation certificate and / or reprints.
  • Based upon the research work done, the candidate may be allowed to present his/her final thesis, three months before submission of thesis.
  • Prior to submission of the thesis, the student shall make a pre-submission presentation (Pre - Ph.D.) in the School/Institute/Centre that may be open to all faculty members and research scholars, for getting feedback and comments, which may be suitably incorporated into the draft thesis under the advice of the Supervisor.
  • The Director/ HOI/Coordinator/ Faculty dean of the Concerned School/Centre/Institute shall constitute a committee, including the supervisor(s) who will formally submit the report on the performance of the candidate in the pre-submission presentation. The candidate can submit the thesis to the University after incorporating the modifications/suggestions made by the above committee, if any. The Supervisor shall certify that the modifications/ suggestions made by the above committee have been duly incorporated.
  • For detecting plagiarism and maintain the academic honesty the research scholar has to submit an undertaking about originality of the work and vouching that there is no plagiarism and that the work has not been submitted for the award of any other degree/ diploma of the same institution where the work was carried out, or any other institution. A certificate to this effect must be submitted by the Candidate as per University Plagiarism policy.

The candidate shall submit the following documents at the time of submission of the Ph.D. Thesis to the University:

  • Three copies of the Summary of the thesis
  • Soft copy of the thesis shall also be submitted to the Dean Academic office, for further action.
  • One spiral bound typed (both sides) copies of Thesis, The thesis shall also be accompanied by

(a) A certificate from the candidate

 (b) A certificate from the supervisor

(c) An appendix at the end of the thesis containing reprints of his research papers already published.

(d) Self attested photocopies of the published research papers or acceptance letters of at least 2 research papers preferably in Scopus listed/ UGC recommended journals.

(e) Evidence of two research papers presented in the Conference/ Seminar/ Symposium

(f) List of communicated research papers (editors acknowledged) along with author(s) name(s), name of the Journal to which the paper has been communicated and the date of communication.

  • A copy of the receipt of applicable examination fee, along with no dues certificate.
  • A certificate from the Supervisor in terms of Clause 10.
  • A soft copy on CD/DVD of the items referred to in Clause Summary and Pre-Ph.D. Submission.

Note: Before submission of the thesis, the thesis must be scrutinized by software to check piracy and plagiarism as per plagiarism policy of University.

 Award of Ph.D. Degree

  • After successfully completion of the viva-voce examination, the candidate shall be awarded Ph.D. degree after the approval of the Board of Management.
  • The award of Ph.D. degree can be withdrawn by the University in case the thesis submitted by the candidate is found to be duplication of an old work or pirated research work.

Appearing in any other Examinations

  • No research scholar shall join any other course of study or appear at any other examination conducted by any University leading to a degree (except Certificate Course of Languages, Research Methodology, Statistics, computer courses etc.).

Publication of Thesis

  • The approved thesis shall be published only after obtaining permission from the University and such publication shall state on the title page itself that this was a thesis approved for the award of the Ph.D. Degree of the University.

Provisional Degree

  • The candidate may be issued a Provisional certificate after successful completion of the examination procedure in accordance with the provisions of the UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure for awards of Ph.D. Degree) Regulations 2016 and after the Vice-Chancellor approves the recommendations of the Viva-Voce Board.

Depository with UGC

  • Following the successful completion of the evaluation process and announcement of the Ph.D. degree award in convocation, the Dean Academics of the University shall submit a soft copy (in the form of (CD/DVD) of the Ph.D. thesis to the UGC within a period of 30 days of hosting the same in INFLIBNET to be made accessible to all Institutions/ Universities. 

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