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Online PhD in Taxation


Taxation refers to the practice of collecting money from citizens and trading companies by the government institutions, in order to finance public institutions, goods and services. Taxation studies prepare professionals who can help organizations make important business decisions, by providing financial counseling and guidance. Their area of expertise includes accounting administrations, calculating tax liabilities, performing legal analysis, and more. 

PhD in Taxation often involves a combination of coursework and research. PhD in Taxation students will take such courses as financial reporting, empirical methodology, and accounting research. Examples of subjects of research are the effects of the tax-induced incentives on corporations, and the economic impact of the federal regulations on accounting information. Graduates with a PhD in the Taxation often go on to careers in academia, or other careers such as the government researcher, corporate accounting consultant, or financial analyst. 

If you are interested in economics, finance, and accounting, then a PhD in Taxation may be the degree you are looking for. Take a look through the options below and find the university with the program for you! 


Rules of Access

A student who is in possession of a taxation-orientated master’s qualification on NQF LEVEL 9 may apply for admission to this qualification. Alternatively any other related qualification with the program-specific minimum level of competency on NQF LEVEL 9, and related experience which is considered relevant and sufficient by the Department of Accountancy. Finalization of registrations for the program (and/or continued registration) is subject to students complying with departmental-specific requirements. Such requirements usually include preparatory work leading up to a research proposal that is approved by the department. Possible examples of the preparatory work are pre-reading, literature reviews, concept developments, and successful completion of short courses aimed at skills and or knowledge development. Students may also be required to successfully defend their research proposals at the special discussion sessions. 


First Semester 

  • Thesis: Taxation * TTA10X1 – 360 credits

Second Semester 

  • Thesis: Taxation * TTA10X2 – 360 credits

·        A requirement for awarding this qualification includes that the students will, with the submission of their traditional thesis, submit two articles for the possible publication. 

Please note: A student will only pass and get the 360 credits for either TTA10X1 or TTA10X2. 

What are the tasks of a PhD in Taxation?

Doctor of Philosophy in the Taxation tasks includes analyzing trends and issues in the taxation and analyzing all the legal and regulatory aspects of the business, monitoring the receipt of the tax and other payments, as well as researching and developing tax positions for clients with regard to the tax controversy cases, as well as tax consulting engagements. Masters’ duties in this field include creating monetary documents, ledgers, and reports.



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