Online PhD in Mathematics Admission Top Colleges in World, Salary, Entrance Exam, Eligibility, Syllabus, Job Scope

Online PhD in Mathematics Admission Top College in World Eligibility, Job Scope, Syllabus, Salary, Exam Fee, Entrance Exam in World, etc

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Online PhD in Mathematics


This proposal proposes an interdisciplinary doctorate whose itineraries in the specific areas of specialization allow the formation of PhD students in different areas of knowledge (Fundamental Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Mathematical Transfer, and Information Technologies, among others). At present, the scientific production and training capacity of the researchers of different groups in the field of Computer Science, Mathematics, Mathematical Models and Techniques Statistics suggest the creation of a specific program of doctorate, with its own identity, which allows the consolidation and transfer research activity in this area.

An online PhD in Mathematics can land you a job as a math education specialist, data scientist, or information technology professional. If you prefer theoretical, dissertation, and course-based doctoral programs, then our list of the best online PhD in Mathematics is for you.

This list of the PhD in Mathematics degree programs includes information technology, education, statistics, and data sciences postgraduate degrees with advanced mathematics components. Keep reading to find out what schools offer these programs, the course curriculum, acceptance rates, and highest-paying mathematics jobs for the PhD grads, and tuition rates.

What Is the Best Online PhD Program in Mathematics

The best online PhD program in mathematics is the PhD in Mathematics Education. This program focuses on the mathematics curriculum and educational management to help you enter the academic field. You will learn mathematical thinking, qualitative and quantitative research, geometry, and mathematical modeling.

The online math PhD programs discussed in this article cover mathematical subject areas and are more apt for those looking to enter the business, data, or tech fields. You can apply to Stanford University, Columbia University, or the Harvard University to find the best in-person mathematics PhD

Can You Get a PhD in Mathematics Online

Yes, you can get a PhD in Mathematics online. However, finding online doctoral programs primarily focused on statistics, mathematics, or applied mathematics is rare. An online PhD route is apt for candidates looking to pursue information technology, education, or analytics-based mathematics fields.

Online PhD in Mathematics Admission Requirements:

The admission requirements of an online PhD in Mathematics include educational qualifications, GPA, and professional experience components. Universities require doctoral students to earn a 3.0 or higher GPA and have a master’s or bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

PhD programs from the accredited institutions in this article also require two to three letters of recommendation, a resume, and graduate courses covering math education.

Depending on the school, you might also need to submit GRE and GMAT scores and proof of three to five years of relevant professional experience. Some schools also require candidates to complete a doctoral interview that discusses their interests in the programs.

It takes about four years to get a PhD in Mathematics online. However, the exact time duration can range anywhere from three to six years, depending on the student and program requirements. Doctoral students with transfer credit hours can complete the degree in a shorter time frame.


  • Capella University
  • Capitol Technology University
  • City University of Seattle
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Lowa state University
  • Northcentral University 

Main Areas of Study in the Mathematics PhD Program:

  • Statistics
  • Data sciences
  • Differential equations
  • Mathematics curriculum development
  • Business analytic
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Discrete mathematics

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