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Online PhD Hospital & healthcare Management Admission Colleges in World, Salary, Syllabus,Eligibility, Job Scope, Entrance Exam

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ONLINE PHD IN Hospital & healthcare Management


Quality, affordable healthcare is the hot topic these days, and not only can an online PhD in Hospital and Healthcare Management make you part of the conversation, but it may give you the educations and tools you need to become part of the solution.

A doctoral degree can help you stand out from other applicants for a variety of jobs in healthcare leadership.

It may show employers that you understand the wide variety of skills—from business and communication to human resources and research—that the healthcare manager needs today.

Hospital and Healthcare Management Careers and Salaries:

  • Careers:

Chief Executive in Healthcare

  • Salaries:           $160,950

Government Healthcare Administrators

  • Salaries:           $116,380

Hospital Director       

  • Salaries: $112,870

Laboratory/Testing Facility Manager 

  • Salaries: $105,840

Health Services Manager

  • Salaries:           $104,280

Outpatient Care Manager

  • Salaries:           $100,690

Public Health Professor

  • Salaries:           $99,090

Nursing Service Director

  • Salaries:           $89,880

Medical Records Administrator

  • Salaries:           $82,640

Healthcare Operations Specialists

  • Salaries:           $62,330 

Online PhD in hospital and Healthcare Management Programs:

A doctorate in hospital and healthcare management is ideal for working professionals who want to advance their careers. Online programs are more flexible, and the professors often understand the demands on your life.

Like all doctoral programs, those in healthcare management emphasize original research and are popular with candidates who wish to teach, write, or use research to enhance their leadership abilities, whether in the medical, academic, clinical, nonprofit, and corporate settings.

Your studies will include classes in business management from a healthcare perspective. Your courses will normally combine a core of the basic classes with those in a specialty that matches your particular interest. Basic courses will include as management theory and ethics, strategic thinking and organizing, and research methods and designs.

If your career goal is in healthcare administration, you will also study leadership, interpersonal skills, and business administration, which generally includes finance and healthcare management.


Admissions requirements will differ from the institution to institution, but most require that you have:

Master’s degree. A graduate degree in the health-related field and a resume that demonstrates familiarity with the management

Work Experience and Recommendations. Professional experience in a healthcare environment ranging from three to six years along with letters of the recommendation

GPA and Transcripts. Transcripts of all courses taken and the minimum GPA that is generally around 3.0

Exams Scores. GRE or GMAT scores, if required, should be submitted with the application and should show high scores in the science, math, and critical thinking sections.


Taking courses year-round, including summer school, will let you finish in about the 3 to 5 years. After the class curriculum is complete, a dissertation will be required. Completing your research, writing, and thesis defense normally takes from 2 to 6 years.


Courses may include: 

Research Design and Data Analysis: Prior to starting dissertation research, the candidate must learn qualitative and quantitative research and data collection methods.

Healthcare Leadership: This course studies current leadership strategies and research to familiarize you with existing systems.

Healthcare Law and Policy: This course covers state, national, and It possibly local government laws and policies that must be understood.

Strategic Planning: All healthcare leaders are responsible for learning about existing structures and policies so they can implement positive institutional change.

Communications Skills: This course teaches how to communicate with populations with whom you will interact, from funders to the physicians and support staff.

Organizational Theories: You would study organizational behaviors and attributes of different management styles in this course.

Epidemiology: This course covers current research and practices in how the disease is spread and controlled in various populations and environments.

Public Health: Here you would learn the healthcare behaviors of the groups within populations, especially those that are currently underserved.


  • A.T. Still University
  • Capella University
  • Arizona State University
  • Central Michigan University
  • Colorado Technical University
  • Drexel University
  • Franklin University
  • Grand Canyon University

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