Online PhD in Forensic Science Admission Top Colleges in World, Eligibility, Syllabus, Salary, Entrance Exam, Job Scope

Online PhD in Forensic Science Admission Top College in World Eligibility, Salary, Exam Fee, Entrance Exam, Job Scope, Syllabus in World, etc

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Online PhD in Forensic Science


PhD Forensic Science is a research-based course whose duration may range from 2 to 5 years. The course is taught in quite a few top colleges in India. The course focuses on the collection of physical evidence which would reveal the original causes of death.

The students who wish to study PhD Forensic Science must hold a postgraduate degree in the relevant discipline. The eligibility criteria may vary according to the rules and the regulations of the university. In most cases, admission to PhD Forensic Science is mostly done on the basis of the score of the student in the entrance test and his/her performance in the personal interview. PhD Forensic Science can be studied in quite a few colleges in India.

PhD Forensic Science is mainly meant for those candidates who wish to study the cause of death of human beings who die an unnatural death. Some of the subjects taught in this course are As Ethics and Research Methods in Forensic Science, Forensic and Information Technology, Introduction to Forensic Chemistry, etc. The average tuition fee required to pursue this course is INR 48,000 to 1,60,000. After completing the course, the candidate may become a successful researcher in their field. They also have the opportunity to work in the medical sectors.

Why Study PhD Forensic Science

PhD Forensic Science can give you the really prosperous career. Here we have enlisted a few important reasons regarding why you should pursue the PhD Forensic Science course: 

  • The applicants who have completed their PhD Forensic Science have excellent career scope. They may seek jobs in the medical sector or they conduct their own research.
  • Some of the most popular work profiles for the PhD Forensic Science students are Professor, Biomedical Researcher, Forensic Science Researcher, and Forensic Consultant, etc.
  • The PhD Forensic Science applicants may become a professor at various colleges and universities and impart knowledge to the students on the subjects related to Forensic Science.
  • They may also work in the medical sector as Biomedical researchers, Forensic Science Consultant, Forensic Researcher and many more.
  • The average salary earned by the PhD Forensic Science students is INR 3,00,000 to 8,00,000. The salary is largely dependent on your expertise in your field. 

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Admission to PhD Forensic Science?

If you wish to study PhD Forensic Science, then you must fulfil the eligibility criteria. Here, we have mentioned some important eligibility criteria for the PhD Forensic Science students:

  • A candidate must complete his master's in Forensic Science or any other relevant discipline.
  • The applicant must clear the cut-off for the admission test. The cut-off is determined each year by the conducting university.
  • The candidate must also perform well at the personal interview which may be conducted after the entrance test.

Books for this course:

Book Name                

Author Name

Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science

 Richard Saferstein

The Casebook of Forensic Detection

Colin Evans

Forensic Pathology

 Vincent J.M. DiMaio



Here we have mentioned the different steps of the admission process: 

Step 1: Fill the application form: The students who wish to fill up the application form this online will have to navigate to the official website of the university and complete the application form. This process can also be carried out offline by the visiting the college campus.

Step 2: Sit for the entrance test: Once the application forms have been submitted, the applicants will have to appear for the admission test. The syllabus for the test is prescribed by the university itself. The duration of the entrance test is the around 2 to 3 hours.

Step 3: Appear for an interview: The entrance test is followed by a round of the personal interview where students are asked different types of questions. The performance of the candidate in the entrance test will determine whether he or she will be able to make it to the final admissions list.

Step 4: Admission to the college: Once the entrance test and the personal interview is complete, the college will prepare a final list mentioning the applicants who will be able to take admitted to the college. The selected candidates will then be able to take admission to that particular University. 


  • Amity University
  • Panjab University, Chandigarh
  • Chandigarh University
  • SGT University
  • Shri Krishna University

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