Online PhD in Branding and Advertaising Admission Top Colleges in World, Eligibility, Salary, Entrance Exam, Syllabus, Job Scope

Online PhD in Branding and Advertising Admission Top College in World Eligibility, Salary, Exam Fee, Entrance Exam, Job Scope, Syllabus in World, etc

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Online PhD in Branding and Advertaising


If you’re ready to take your education to the next level, an online PhD in marketing can teach you many real-world skills in business, finance, administration and research methods. It can also help prepare you for high-level careers in management positions.

Best of all, since it’s delivered online, you may earn your degree from home without any need to step on the college campus.

Online PhD in branding and advertising Degrees:

The first thing to know about marketing degrees is that there are multiple kinds. On the doctorate level, candidates usually choose between two tracks:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Marketing

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with an emphasis in the Marketing

These degree programs are quite similar, and they typically hold the same weight with the employers. It’s just a matter of choosing the one that best suits your interests. If you’re still considering careers outside of marketing, for example, you might want a broad-spectrum DBA that can be applied to the many different business jobs.

Once you’ve picked the degree track, it’s time to decide whether or not to specialize. Do you want to study marketing on a general level, or would you prefer to focus on something specific? Depending on your university, you could have quite a few options: 

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Digital or Internet Marketing
  • International or Cross-Cultural Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Management

Many of these concentrations have overlapping subjects. For example, social media marketing can play a big role in Internet marketing, so their lectures and seminars might cover some of the same ground. However, many schools will still consider them separate disciplines. 

Admissions Requirements:

Every university has its own admissions process. For example, some will require the “pre-candidacy” phase for their PhD students while others will accept PhD students into degree programs right away. Some will have a standard formula that the adds together test scores and GPAs; others will review applicants on an individual basis.

There’s no way to guess what kind of the process your chosen university will have, so you’ll need to look for the specifics on their website.

As for submitting your application, here are the few of the most common requirements: 

  • Transcripts and test scores: You’ll need bachelor’s and master’s degrees from an accredited university. You might also need GRE or the GMAT scores.
  • Letters of recommendation: Most colleges will want 2 – 3 letters of recommendation from people in positions of authority.
  • Resume or CV: If you’ve already entered the workforce, submit your resume. If you’ve spent your time in academia, submit a CV.
  • Statement of purpose: This is basically a college essay for graduate students. It can be used to detail your interests, career goals, educational achievements, work experiences and more.

If you enter a pre-candidacy program, you might be asked to complete a certain amount of coursework before you’re able to submit applications to the marketing department.


Here are a few names that you might see in the course catalog for a marketing PhD: 

Multinational Marketing: Technology is erasing barriers left and right, and these courses in the “international marketing” or “cross-culture marketing” can help teach you how to confront advertising challenges a global scale.

Digital Marketing: Even if you aren’t specializing in the subject, web-based marketing is such the driving force in today’s businesses that you’ll be expected to know its key concepts and strategies.

Statistics: Some data-based marketing programs will ask for math and economics classes. Statistics is a common requirement, and you might have options for the things like econometrics and statistical modeling as well.

Quantitative Research Methods: You’ve probably studied research methods before, but the doctorate-level classes dive even further into mining, organizing and analyzing data.

Communications: Communication is one of the building blocks of advertising, so prepare to take high-level courses in media, language, communication theory, social interactions and more.

Organizational Behavior: This is the common class for future business leaders, so if you’re considering a DBA with an emphasis in marketing, it might check off certain credit requirements for graduation.

Traditional Marketing: Though it’s less common now, traditional marketing is still taught alongside its tech-based cousin.

Pricing Strategy and Analysis: If you’re studying operations or supply chain management as the part of your marketing degree, these classes can be crucial.

Advanced Studies in Consumer Behavior: Once you’ve taken the basic, entry-level courses in consumer behavior, you should be ready for advanced research into how and why people shop.

Special Topics in Marketing: These are special courses for contemporary marketing subjects. They might cover everything from the current trends and technological breakthroughs to the cultural conversations and shifting consumer expectations. 


PhD programs typically take anywhere from 3 – 8 years to complete. Since the coursework is so intensive, many grad schools have a limit to the number of credits that you can take per semester, so you can’t rush through them. 


  • California Baptist University
  • Felician University
  • George Fox University
  • Grand Canyon University

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