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Online PhD in Botany


About Doctor of Philosophy in Botany (Ph.D. Botany)

Botany is the branch of biology, a branch of in-depth scientific research on the plant life and its structure, characteristics, and characteristics and characteristics. Botany includes the study of all the living plant-like organisms, including algae, fungi, ferns, mosses, and real plants as its basic focus. This course aims to help individuals understand plants and their overall importance in our environment from the micro to the macro level of plant-based life.  In particular, the botany course has several branches, such as plant ecology, plant pathology, forensic botany, paleobotany, and paleobotany. In India, because of the good career opportunities in the future, botany is a popular choice in the mainstream of science. You can take botany courses in the undergraduate and graduate degrees of B.Sc. Bachelor of Botany, Master of Botany obtain the graduate degree.

Ph.D. program The minimum duration of the program is three years, including coursework, and the maximum is six years. Extensions beyond the above limit will be subject to the relevant provisions stipulated in the articles of the association or regulations of the relevant institutions.

This degree is dedicated to scientific research on plants, including lichens, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Our scholars are in plant biodiversity, ecology, physiology and cell molecular biology, cytogenetics, biochemistry, biotechnology, reproductive biology, morphogenesis and the anatomy, biomolecular metabolism and immunology, fungi and microorganisms Conduct cutting-edge and innovative research.

Doctor of Philosophy in Botany (Ph.D. Botany) Course Highlights 

  • Some of the course highlights are listed below.   
  • Course level: Doctoral degree
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Qualifications: After graduation
  • Admission process: According to the performance of shortlisted students in a round of interviews.
  • Top recruitment companies: Biotechnology companies, seed and nursery companies, plant resource laboratories, and educational institutions, plant health, inspection services, petroleum industry, botanical gardens, forest services, land management agencies, national parks, chemical industries, food companies, and biological supplies Businesses, etc.
  • Job Positions: Positions Mycologists, administrators, ecologists, fruit growers, plant biochemists, foresters, and researchers, etc.

Eligibility Criteria :

Eligibility criteria for botany vary from the university to university, and of course, the choice is also different.

For college degrees,

Individuals must have the 10 + 2 average score of at least 50% or more.

Students in any discipline can apply for admission, but people with the 10 + 2 science stream are preferred.

The entrance exam may depend on the university to which you are applying. Whether it’s based on grades or entrance exam scores. 4,444 graduate degrees 4,444 people must have an average bachelor’s degree of at least 50% or more. 4,444 candidates with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), preferably B.Sc. in botany, or master’s in botanical research.

Admission is based on transcripts or scores of the admissions tests required by the university to which you are a student applying. 

Doctor of Philosophy in Botany (Ph.D. Botany) Admission:

Students must have completed a master’s or master’s degree to obtain the doctorate. In addition to educational qualifications, students must also pass the college entrance examinations and interview process to study for the Ph.D. It is important to have incredible research skills.

Doctor of Philosophy in Botany (Ph.D. Botany) courses:

It has includes many subjects, including the core course listed below.

  • Microbiology
  • Plant fungi and viruses
  • Ferns, gymnosperms and paleobotany
  • Genetics and cytogenetics
  • Plant ecology
  • Plant physiology


  • Charles University Faculty of Science
  • University of Johannesburg
  • Loyola College, Chennai
  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College, Chennai
  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • The Northcap University – [NCU], Gurgaon

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