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Data Collection/Analysis

Data Collection/Analysis involves actions and methods performed on data that help describe facts, detect patterns, develop explanations and test hypotheses of the research. This includes data quality assurance, statistical data analysis, modeling, and interpretation of research results. Data findings is the most crucial part of any research.

How to Collect Data?

At the most basic level, data are considered quantitative if they are numbers and qualitative if they are words. Qualitative Data also includes photos, videos, audio recordings and other non-text data. Different techniques are used to collect quantitative and qualitative data:

Quantitative methods:         

  • ·         Surveys/Questionnaires
  • ·         Pre/post Tests
  • ·         Existing Databases

Qualitative methods

  • ·         Observations
  • ·         In-Depth Interviews
  • ·         Focus Groups

How to collect high-quality data relevant to your research?

To collect high-quality data that is relevant to your purposes, Lottery Sambad follow these four steps.

  • 1.       Define the aim of your research
  • 2.       Choose your data collection method
  • 3.       Plan your data collection procedures
  • 4.       Collect the data

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