Certificate in Yoga and Naturopathy Admission in World, Top Colleges, Admission Process, Eligibility, Syllabus, Job, Salary

Certificate in Yoga and Naturopathy Admission in World, Eligibility, Syllabus, Job Scope in World, Salary, Fees Structure in World, etc

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Certificate in Yoga and Naturopathy

Certificate in Yoga and Naturopathy

The Certificate in Yoga & Naturopathy is a diploma-level program. Generally, the program duration is 6 months. The main purpose of this program to offer the student complete growth enveloping spiritual & intellectual measurements & nurturing students in the overall field by imbibing in them fundamentals & principles of the sectors. It provides study related to all levels & train them in the yoga therapy field. The course offers knowledge & skill related to the Yoga & Naturopathy syllabus. After passing this program students can join  Hospitals, Spa, and wellness centers or can establish yoga therapy centers to provide yoga training to the common man. It also introduces to a student about different techniques of controlling diet, exercise,& massage.

Certificate Course in Yoga And Naturopathy: What is it about

  • Yoga is a way of life that can be applied to one’s own life irrespective of age, gender, occupation, society, circumstances, problems & suffering. It can be part of any human effort-personal, educational, social, family & spiritual. Since it comes under both science & art, there are theoretical & practical aspects of Yoga that are taught in the program.
  • The emphasis in the program is on having the right perspective through first-hand experience & learning the science & the practice of yoga and naturopathy.
  • The program is designed primarily to educate those interested in becoming a Yoga Instructors.
  • It helps the candidate to understand the types of Yoga & imparts practical knowledge of Yogasana, Kriyas, Bandhas, Mudras, Yogic Therapy & Pranayama.
  • This program focuses on Sutra Yoga & the philosophy mentioned in the sutras.  Role of Satvika Ahara is also based on Asanas.
  • The end goal is the implementation of the philosophy of Yoga in every way of life.
  • The Certificate program in Yoga is built for beginners who wish to develop a career in Yoga.


The base capability required for induction into this program is passed in the 12th standard/identical assessment, with at any rate 55 % in any subjects. The state loads up of the specialized instruction of vast majority of states in India direct passageway tests for admission to the confirmation course offered by different polytechnics in the state.

Certificate in Yoga And  Naturopathy Career Prospect:

  • Naturopathy Physician
  • Therapist
  • Assistant Research Officer
  • Naturopathy Consultant
  • Naturopathy Experts
  • Publication Officer
  • Naturopathy Consultant
  • Esearch Officer
  • Esearch
  • Hospital
  • Administrative
  • Academic
  • Consultation


  • 10th Class MARK SHEET
  • School Leaving Certificate (SLC)
  • Aadhar Card
  • 10 Passport-Size Photographs

NOTE:- Applicants who are not able to the submit Original Document will be provisionally admitted. All the necessary original documents should be submitted within the working period including day of the admission. Otherwise, the provisional admission will be considered as cancel.

What is the Certificate In Yoga And Naturopathy Admission Process?

  • There are various processes by which you can be admitted to the college 1 of them is via merit where the minimum eligibility criteria are decided on basis of the cut-off that institutions sets for the various programs & colleges.
  • The bulletin mentions separate details for the Boards other than CBSE to check the equivalence of their subjects with those mentioned in list. The other is through the entrance examination.
  • To get admitted in top colleges you must brush your skill for the Entrance examination & the Personal Interviews only after you clear these examinations you will be admitted to a good college.
  • The Clearing Entrance exams is the key step to the enter any of the best colleges based on performance in entrance exams top colleges pick up a candidate.
  • While applying for the entrance examination you must make sure you fill in the information correctly & that you belong to a science background, failing to comply with any of fields the registration form will be rejected.
  • There are a set of details that are given for the entrance examination that you will receive. You need to read that very carefully & comply with it. 


The Given below are few of the important highlights of the course.

Program Full Name


Program Level


Duration of the Program

6 Months

Examination Type




Admission Process

Entrance Exam and Merit Based

Average Program Fee

Upto Rs. 1 Lakh


What is the Certificate In Yoga And Naturopathy Course Eligibility?

  • In order to be eligible for a certificate in yoga and naturopathy Program, you need to clear your D.Ed. which is the Diploma in Education a two-year certificate-level Program in education that enables an aspirant to become a nursery school staff.
  • Certificate In Yoga And Naturopathy program aims to provide govt. schools with the knowledge of teaching in primary school.
  • Any person who has a keen interest to work in field of sports & has passed the Higher Secondary Examination that is the 10+2 grade exams or has appeared for the examinations & is expecting the results for the same are eligible for the program.
  • All Teachers who have successfully completed their B.Ed. (General) certificate are also suited & eligible for the course in the certificate in  yoga and naturopathy 


The Syllabus of yoga and naturopathy as prescribed by various Universities & Colleges.

  • Yoga philosophy
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Foundation of naturopathy, health, and nutrition
  • Disease and treatment by naturopathy
  • Practical (advanced yogic practices)
  • Aasan and yoga anatomy
  • Yoga and social behavior
  • Method of nature care
  • Relevant to yoga therapy
  • Project report 


College Name

Average Annual Fees

Jagan Nath University

INR 1,08,000

Sanskriti University

INR 1,20,000

Himalayan University, Itanagar

INR 80,000

JSS Institute of Naturopathy And Yogic Sciences

INR 2,16,000

Morarji Desai Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences

INR 40,000

Banaras Hindu University

INR 10,369

CMJ University

INR 20,000

SunRise University

INR 22,200

YBN University

INR 60,000

Yenepoya University

INR 3,50,000


Certificate In Yoga And Naturopathy Colleges in TamilNadu

College Name

Fees (INR)

Excel Group of Institutions


JSS Institute of Naturopathy


Thiruvalluvar University


Sona Medical College Of Naturopathy And Yoga


Maharajas Institute Of Medical Science



Certificate In Yoga And Naturopathy Colleges in Karnataka

College Name

Fees (INR)

Yenepoya University


SDM College of Naturopathy


Chanakya University




MVM Group of Institutions



Certificate In Yoga And Naturopathy Colleges in Maharashtra

College Name

Fees (INR)

AND Institute of Paramedical Sciences and Hospitals


MGM University


SP Jain School of Global Management



Why Study Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Science?

  • BNYS is a unique degree in the sense that the market it serves is completely different. It doesn’t require a doctor’s degree but it still heals the body and the mind
  • As recent events illustrate, modern medicine may not be the solution to all. In fact, those with mental disorders are often recommended yoga to calm and center themselves. This, combined with the growing worldwide acceptance of yogic sciences makes this degree very useful indeed
  • A student will usually learn how to manifest the body’s natural systems to defend it against diseases and help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some common teachings include acupuncture, hatha yoga, anatomy, Ayurveda, etc

Why study the Certificate Course in Yoga?

  • The program helps the student to become competent & committed professionals willing to perform as Yoga trainers. The following are some of the important reasons as why degree course in Yoga can prove to be a vital academic degree for applicants.
  • The program focuses on the foundations for theoretical as well as practical aspects of Yoga, one of world’s oldest science.
  • This program motivates the learner to undertake an advanced & detailed study of different texts in yoga tradition, as well as a meditative technique from other traditions and religions such as Jainism & Buddhism.
  • Multiple Career opportunities: The program allows the student to choose from a wide number of job profiles, that includes Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist, Yoga Specialist,Yoga Practitioner & many more. This plethora of career options make certificate program a highly conducive academic career option for a number of students as it allows them fluidity to the choose from any career option
  • A highly lucrative field: The Career as a yoga instructor or experts is highly lucrative as a report by The Economic Times shows that over 300 million persons practice yoga around world, with 50 Perce of them from India. This means that the student of the Yoga Certificate program will already have a wide market to cater to after completion of the program.
  •  The government has made it mandatory for every school to have a Yoga teacher.
  • The Opportunity to turn Entrepreneur: The applicant also have the opportunity to turn entrepreneur after the completion of the program. Most of the Yoga teachers open up their own studios after the completion of their program.

Who should Study Certificate in Yoga Course

  • A student who want to pursue a career as a yoga teacher should take up the program
  • If the student have a passion for helping others grow physically, mentally, emotionally, & physically, then Yoga Certification program would be ideal for the student
  • A student who want to enter a career as a sports or rehab specialist can also take up the program
  • The program can also be taken by physiotherapists who are willing to expand their expertise to field related to yoga so that they can help their clients recover quicker.
  •  Working professionals in related field often take up certificates in yoga programs so that they can have better job prospects.

Certificate In Yoga And Naturopathy  Jobs

Despite the boom in yoga & preference for naturopathy, the job prospects of certificate In Yoga And Naturopathy are moderately good with most job requiring years of experience before one start earning well

Most Job Profiles Are Mid-level Jobs

The table below lists some of the common job roles available after completing a certificate In Yoga And Naturopathy degree

Name of Job Profile


Average starting salary in INR

Naturopathic Physician/Doctor

The role involve using knowledge of naturopathy to treat patient.



The role involves either being employed as a faculty in an institute or holding lectures on various topics in the naturopathy


Yoga Therapist

The role includes using yoga as a therapy tool for bodily & mental ailment


Rehabilitation Therapist

The applicant is expected to help people recovering by using knowledge of naturopathy & yoga



Certificate In Yoga And Naturopathy Scope

Certificate In Yoga And Naturopathy is an undergraduate program. Applicant can study various PG courses after certificate In Yoga And Naturopathy. Some of the top program after BNYS are

  • MBA Healthcare Management
  • MBA Hospital Management
  • PGD in Yoga Therapy

Certificate in Yoga and Naturopathy Provider









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