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Central University of Kerala

Central University of Kerala 

The Central University of Kerala that is CUK is one of the 15 central universities established under The Central Universities Act, 2009 (Act No.25 of 2009) by the Parliament of India. The Institute is situated in Kasaragod, the northernmost district of the Indian state of Kerala. The main campus of the Institute is situated at Periya, 9.8 km away from Kanhangad and 20 km south of the Kasaragod towns. The institute initially started functioning from a transit campus situated in Vidyanagar with its humanities schools and other amenities. 

'The Central University of Kerala (CUK) is one among the 16 Central Universities established under The Central Universities Act, 2009 Parliament Act No. 25 of 2009) and came into existence on 2th of March

2009. Under its first Vice Chancellor Prof. Jancy James, CUK started functioning from a transit campus situated at Vidyanagar in Kasaragod on the 4th of June 2009. It started 4 campuses across Kerala and laid the foundation for the present sprawling 310-acre campus situated at the Tejaswini Hills, Periyar. Its 2nd Vice Chancellor, Prof. G Gopa Kumar moved all the departments to Periye which houses 25 PG and 21 Research Departments, 3 Girls' Hostels, 2 Boys' Hostels and a Guest House. CUK has off-campus centres at Pathanamthitta and Thiruvananthapuram which houses 1 PG, 1 Research Department and 1 UG Department.

Under its present Vice Chancellor, Prof. H. Venkateshwarlu, CUK focuses on improving its academic, administrative, and infrastructural excellence and social commitment. By extending its facilities to the community outside the CUK, has been actively discharging its social commitment during the COVID-19 pandemic and became the only Indian institute to serve the community in its hour of need by extending the services of its faculty members, research scholars and virology lab to fight the pandemic. 'The CUK's green campus is being extended by ensuring environmental protection, creating plastic-free zones, and by planting and nurturing thousands of samplings of medicinal plants and trees inside and outside the campus.

'The CUK defines itself as a mentoring University and gives personal attention to all its candidates.

It extends the scope of learning through a holistic methodology that accommodates diverse linguistic, scientific, and cultural traditions of India. It envisions quality research and innovation in higher education by involving all its expert faculty members who have rich international experience and research scholars from all over the world. It ensures teaching-learning innovations, avoids the rigidity of the approach and adopts an inclusive policy. The CUK's mission is to educate, skill and train human resources for the development of our nation. Towards this, the institute has signed MoUs with various organisations, pursues GIAN programmes and undertakes research projects funded by external agencies like DST, DBT, UGC, KSCSTE, Western Ghat Cell, IUCN etc. In its first NAAC evaluation, CUK got B++ and ranks among the top 100-150 in NIRF.

In all its academic, social, and environmental efforts, CUK strives hard to become a model campus by envisioning all its activities to maximise the intellectual, emotional, social, and economic benefits to its candidates, teaching and non-teaching staff, and the community by sharing its intellectual, academic, cultural, and environmental resources with them. 

Schools and departments 

Tejaswini Hills (Main Campus) 

School of Global Studies 

Department of International Relations

School of Economics School of Education 

Department of Education

School of Humanities and Social Sciences 

Department of Social Work

School of Physical Sciences 

Department of Chemistry

Department of Computer Science

Department of Mathematics

Department of Physics 

Science Campus (River-side Transit Campus) 

School of Biological Science 

Department of Animal Science

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Department of Genomic Science

Department of Plant Science

School of Earth Science Systems 

Department of Environmental Science

Department of Geology

Law Campus

School of Professional Studies 

Department of Law

School of Languages and Comparative Literature 

Department of Comparative Literature

Department of Hindi

Department of Linguistics

School of Professional Studies 

Department of Education

School of Business Studies 

Department of Management Studies

Department of Tourism Studies

Department of Commerce and International Business 

Postgraduate study programs 

The duration of the postgraduate study programme is 4 semesters. Each semester has a duration of 16–18 weeks, with 5 working days and 30 instructional hours per week. 

The programmes are organised under Choice Based Credit and Semester (CBCS) pattern. Candidates are offered two types of courses: 

Core courses, identified by each department, provide a broad base in the subject of study; 

Elective courses, are chosen by the candidates in consultation with the Faculty Advisor. 

In addition to these, each candidate does a Dissertation or Project emphasising the application of knowledge to the real problems. The minimum total credits required for the successful completion of a PG study programme is 72 credits within 4 semesters. Out of the 72 credits, a candidate has to secure a minimum of 48 but not more than 60 credits, including that of the Dissertation for the Core courses, and a minimum of 12 but not more than 24 credits for Elective courses. 

Ph.D programme 

All the departments of the University offer Ph.D. study programmes. KILA is the research centre of the International Relations and Political Science 


Student Council 

The Student Council of the Institute is constituted on the basis of the direct election of 2 class representatives each from all the teaching departments. They will form the electoral college from whom the officer bearers for the each academic year are elected. The president and secretary of the Student's Council are members of the University Court. Two meritorious candidates(a boy and girl) are nominated by the Vice Chancellor for the Academic Council. The Student Council participates actively in the affairs of the University and organises a cultural event known as CANKAMA every year. 'The University is in the process of publishing a candidate charter after due consultations and discussions. 


The University Library, is a repository of the learning resources on Arts, Humanities, Science and Social Sciences. The library supports research and educational endeavours of candidates, research scholars and the faculty members of the university by collecting, organising, preserving and disseminating information. The library enables access to online information resources using modern Information and Communication Technologies. The library is the automated with KOHA Open Source Integrated Library System. The library is using the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system to organise the collection of information. University Library is fully automated and has OPAC and WebOPAC, Wi-Fi Network, Free Internet Access, Reprographics Facility, Inter Library Loan Facility, Article Alert and URKUND

Plagiarism checking software. The library regularly conducts awareness programmes for its users. 

Centre for Health and Medical Services

This centre was started as a medical clinic in Central University of Kerala in October 2016 with a vision to care for the comprehensive health status of candidates, staff of CUK and their dependents.

Currently, it functions as a health facility, where all the basic health needs and medicines are provided free of cost, and is equal to a Sub Centre of health care system. It has all the urgent care facilities.


[email protected]

Medical care from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm through the outpatient clinic.

24-hours on call consultation and ambulance facility.

First aid care in the case of emergencies. 

Basic counselling facilities for candidates. 

Surveillance of non-communicable diseases in campus. 

Extension activities like COVID vaccination campaign, blood donation campaign and rural medical camps. 

Facility for the Cultural Activities

The CUK has a Cultural Committee which leads and motivates candidates to participate in a multitude of cultural activities. Together with a team of active candidates it coordinates and conducts several programs like Independence Day celebrations, University Foundation Day and "CANKAMA", the CUK Arts festival. The committee also motivates and extends necessary assistance for the candidates to participate in the various national level competitions and has been successful in winning accolades to CUK.

The notable and the latest includes prizes won at the 35* South zone Inter-University Youth Festival 2019

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