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Central University of Himachal Pradesh Admission Consultant in World

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Central University of Himachal Pradesh Admission Consultant in World Central University of Himachal Pradesh Ph.D. Admission Consultant 2024 Central University of Himachal Pradesh - All educational consultants Ph.D. Admission Consultants World

Central University of Himachal Pradesh

Central University of Himachal Pradesh 

Central University of Himachal Pradesh is a central research university headquartered from Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India. It is operating from a temporary campus at the Shahpur, Kangra district, pending the construction of 2 permanent campuses, at the Dehra and Dharamsala. The university was founded in the year  2009 as a result of the government's policy to establish the Central Universities in each of the states that do not already have a central university. The Central University of Himachal Pradesh is established under the Central Universities Act 2009 (No. 25 of 2009) enacted by the Parliament. 

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in his address to the nation on 15 August 2007, announced the establishment of a Central Institute in each of the states that did not already have a central university. Subsequently, the Planning Commission provided for the establishment of sixteen new Central Universities according to the Central Universities Act 2009 (No. 25 of 2009) of the Indian Parliament. The act received presidential assent on 20 March 2009 and provided for the establishment of the Central University of Himachal Pradesh(CUHP), amongst others. Professor Furqan Qamar, appointed as the 1st Vice Chancellor of the University. 

The President of India is the Visitor of the Institute. The Chancellor is the ceremonial head of the institute while the executive powers rest with the Vice-chancellor. The Court, the Executive Council, the Academic Council, the Board of study and the Finance Committee are the administrative authorities of the Institute. 

The University Court is the supreme authority of the Institute and has the power to review the broad policies and programmes of the Institute and to suggest measures for the improvement and development of the University; The Executive Council is the highest executive body of the Institute. The Academic Council is the highest academic body of the Institute and is responsible for the co-ordination and exercising general supervision over the academic policies of the Institute. It has the right to advise the Executive Council on all the academic matters. The Finance Committee is responsible for recommending the  financial policies, goals, and budgets. 


The Central University of Himachal Pradesh is established under the Central Universities Act 2009 (No. 25 of 2009) enacted by the act of Parliament. The Institute is funded and regulated by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The University became functional with the assumption of charge by the 1st Vice-Chancellor on 20th January 2010. 

Schools of Studies

Commerce and Management Studies

Earth and Environmental Sciences


Performing and Visual Arts


Journalism, Mass Communication and New Media

Life Sciences

Mathematics, Computers and

Information Sciences

Physical and Material Sciences

Social Sciences

Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Management 

Objectives of the University

Objectives of the Institute as given in the Central Universities Act 2009 are as under: 

To disseminate and advance knowledge by providing the instructional and research facilities in such branches of learning as it may deem fit; 

To make special provisions for the integrated courses in humanities, social sciences, sciences and technology in its educational programmes; 

To take appropriate measures for promoting the innovations in teaching-learning process and interdisciplinary studies and research; 

To educate and train the manpower for the development of the country; 

To establish linkages with industries for promotion of science and technology; 

To pay special attention to the improvement of the social and economic conditions and welfare of the people, their intellectual, academic and cultural development 

Vision of the University

The Central University of Himachal Pradesh strives for the Inclusive Access to Excellence in Higher Education and Research to emerge as the Premier University of the Country at par with the best Universities of the World in terms of study Programme Offerings, Curricular Framework, Pedagogy, Research, Publications and Integration with the World of Work 

While the development of the institute's own infrastructure may take a while, the Institute has an ambitious Vision Document evolved in consultation with eminent experts in the field of education.  The Vision Document and Strategic Plan of the Institute as approved by the statutory authorities of the Institute are available at the website of the University (  Accordingly, in due course of time, the Institute will grow to have purpose built, state of the art 150 acre of area campus in Dharamshala and 900 acre of area campus in Dehra and will have 17 Schools of Studies with nearly 90 Departments of Studies and about 50 Centres of Studies. 

School of Commerce and Management Studies

Himachal Pradesh Kendriya Vishwavidalaya Business School


School of Physical and Material Sciences

Department of Physics and Astronomical Sciences

BSc (Phvsics Honours

MSc (Physics)

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Sciences

MSc (Chemistry)

School of Life Sciences

Centre for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

MSc(Computational Biology and Bioinformatics)

Department of Animal Sciences

MSc (Zoology)

Department of Plant Sciences

MSc (Botany)

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Department of Environmental Sciences

MSc (Environmental Sciences)

School of Mathematics, Computer and  Information Sciences Ramanujan Department of Mathematics

MSc (Mathematics)

Department of Computer Science and Informatics

M.C.A.(Master of Computer Applications)

Department of Library and Information Science

B Lib ISc

M Lib ISc

School of Languages

Department of English

MA (English Language and Literature)

Department of Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit

BA (Sanskrit Honours)

MA (Sanskrit)

Department of Hindi

MA (Hindi)

Department of Punjabi and Dogri

MPhil (Punjabi)

School of Social Sciences

Department of Economics

BA (Honours) Economics

MA (Economics)

Department of Social Work

Master of Social Work (MSW)

MPhil (Social Work)

Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

MA (Sociology)

Department of Political Science

MA (Political Science)

Department of History

MA (History)

Certificate in Gujjar History and Culture

School of Education

Department of Education

MA (Education)

MPhil (Education)

School of Journalism, Mass Communication and New Media Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

MA (Journalism and Mass Communication)

Department of New Media

MA (New Media Communication)

Department of Tourism and Travel Management

MBA (Specialisation in Travel and Tourism)

School of Performing and Visual Arts

Department of Visual Arts•

BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)(Sculpture)

BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)(Painting) 

Other Centres or Chairs

Centre for Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Studies.

MPhil (Deen Dyal Upadhyaya Studies)

PG Diploma in Deen Dayal Upadhyay Studies

Centre for Kashmir Studies

MPhil (Jammu and Kashmir Studies).

MA (Jammu and Kashmir Studies)*.

PG Diploma in Jammu and Kashmir Studies

Certificate in Kashmiri Language (Sharda Script)

Centre for Yoga Studies

PG Diploma in Yoga Studies

Centre of Bhartiya Panth, Matt, Sampraday and Semitic Religions

PG Diploma in Hindu Studies

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Kaushal Kendra

B. Voc. (Mass Communication)

B. Voc. (Financial and Marketing Services)

Dr B.R. Ambedkar Chair

PG Diploma in Ambedkar Studies

Chair for Tribal Studies

PG Diploma in Tribal Studies

Certificate in Gojari Language 


The Institute offers a unique programme called Community Lab to connect, interact and network with the community in the Himachal Pradesh, particularly the region in which the Institute is located. The Programme is integrated in the academic curricula. The students are assigned a specific number of households in the identified villages. They collect data, prepare reports, identify intervention strategies and work with the community towards their socio-cultural, educational and economic development and in the process enrich themselves with real-life experiences. 


The departments of the institute organise workshops/seminars/conferences/ symposiums from time to time on various relevant topics for the overall academic development of the candidates. 


Limited facilities for the games, sports and other extracurricular facilities are being made available at the Temporary Academic Blocks (TABs). These include outdoor games such as cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, carom, etc. 


The university has a Cultural Society, a Debating Club, a Music Club, a Nature Club, a Film Club, a Theatre Group, and a Photography Club. It also offers the experience of a rich corporate life. 


Different departments of the institute organise Educational Tours and Industrial Visits for the candidates. These are aimed at exposing the candidates to the practical aspects of their discipline and sensitise them about the career opportunities and through that process help candidates chart out their career options and strategies. 


Candidates of the institute proactively participate in a variety of activities leading to social awareness. These include poster competitions, awareness programmes, sensitisation on the social issues, and organising debates, discussions, etc. This has led to the university forming the Red Ribbon Club, which has now been upgraded and recognised as the Youth Development Centre.


Blood donation camps have become a regular annual feature of the institute. 


The university is working closely with the Government of Himachal Pradesh in capacity-building training programmes for the teachers of the government colleges in the State.

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