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Central University of Gujarat Admission Consultant in World

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Central University of Gujarat Admission Consultant in World the Central University of Gujarat Ph.D. Admission Consultant 2024 Central University of Gujarat - All educational consultants Ph.D. Admission Consultants World

Central University of Gujarat

Central University of Gujarat 

The Central University of Gujarat is a public central university situated in Gandhinagar, Gujarat offering courses at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. 

Established by the Parliament of India through the Central Universities Act (2009), the Central University of Gujarat (CUG) considers its main objectives to be the dissemination and advancement of knowledge creation and sharing. The Institute is committed to making special provisions for integrated and interdisciplinary courses, educating and training human resources for the country's development, initiating appropriate measures for promoting innovation in teaching and learning and paying special attention to improving the social and economic conditions and welfare of the people, especially pertaining to their intellectual, academic and the cultural development. The Institute was ranked overall 60th in India and 2nd among all the Universities in Gujarat in NIRF 2016 rankings. According to the NIRF 2017, the Institute was ranked among the top 150 Universities in the country. 

Providing a Global Platform for Knowledge and Employability to our candidates along with the Society and Industry Interface. 

The university has 11 specialised schools imparting education in various fields. Some schools have further specialised centres within them. 

School of Applied Material Science (SAMS)

School of Chemical Sciences (SCS)

School of Education (SE)

Centre for Studies in Research and Education(CSRE)

School of Environment and Sustainable Development (SESD)

School of International Studies (SIS)

Politics & International Relations (School level) (PIR) Established in the year  2012, the PIR-SIS offers postgraduate courses in Politics and International Relations.

Centre for International Politics (CIP) The CIP offers doctoral programmes in International politics.

School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies (SLLCS)

Centre for German Studies (CGS) The CGS-SLLCS offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral courses in the German language, people, and culture.

Centre for Comparative Literature and Translation Studies (CCLTS)

Centre for English Studies (CES)

Centre for Hindi Language and Literature (CHLL)

Centre for Gujarati Language and Literature (CGLL)

Centre for Chinese Studies (CCS)

School of Library and Information Sciences (SLIS)

School of Life Sciences (SLS)

School of Nano Sciences (SNS)

School of National Security Studies (SNSS)

School of Social Sciences (SSS) 


The Central Library has a wide collection of resources taking into consideration the course contents and research needs of the institute. Library's learning resource collections are developed aiming at providing the highest level of research and teaching support to the study programmes and research thrust areas. The Collection is reviewed every year in order to be relevant to the emerging and developing areas of the research. The Library is growing in its breadth and depth; it holds about 30,000 plus books, and subscribes to over 66 print journals and magazines and over 8000+ e-journals. The Library has KOHA software and computerised library facilities. 

The Cyber Library provides seamless access to e-journals available at the institute. Its main aim is to provide access to computers and the internet to the candidates coming from the economically weaker sections who are not able to buy computers or laptops individually. It has over 29 Pentium workstations with broadband internet access. CUG has successfully migrated towards the internet age by adding 8000+ online journals to its collection. The Library has also provided access to several databases. 


The Earn While You Learn Initiative is a unique scheme in the public Central University of Gujarat for aiding candidates of the undergraduate and postgraduate level programmes of those institutes who do not receive fellowships. The initiative is particularly meant for those candidates who come from the financially and socially disadvantaged sections of society to support them during their stay at the University. As a part of the initiative, the candidates are assigned duties in the University Cyber Library after classroom hours. The Institute intends to increase the scope of this scheme to include other University duties as well. Special care is taken for the women candidates who are allotted convenient timings. 


The Institute is aware of the importance of physical activities and organised sports and games programmes, which should be combined with the candidate's academic pursuits. Keeping in view the limited space available at the present location of the Institute, basic sports facilities are available in the campus. 


Cultural activities among the candidate community on campus are promoted through various cultural clubs. Candidates are encouraged to participate in various cultural activities. 


The Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) at the Institute is one of the best in the country. Currently, the CIF has a range of instruments which consist of the following: 

500 MHz FT-NMR Spectrometer

Single Crystal and Powder XRD

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Elemental Analyzer (CHNS/O)

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Gas Chromatography (GC) and Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LCMS)

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

Brunauer Emmett Teller (BET) Surface Area Analyzer

Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES)

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Green/Glass House

Borosil Mansingh Survismeter

Refractometer (RI)

500 MHz Fourier-Transform Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (FT-NMR)

Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES)

Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Analab Mansingh Visionmeter 


The primary objectives of CUG are

Dissemination and advancement of knowledge by providing instructional and research facilities in the various branches of learning.

Making special provisions for the integrated courses in humanities, social sciences, science and technology in the educational programmes.

Taking appropriate measures for promoting innovations in teaching-learning methods and interdisciplinary training and research.

Educating and training the human resources for the country's development.

Establishing academic-industries partnerships to promote advancements in science and technology.

Paying special attention to the improvement of the social and economic conditions and welfare of the people, especially pertaining to their intellectual, academic and cultural development. 


The vision of CUG is to establish itself as a centre of excellence with social commitment by integrating modern, scientific and technological knowledge and skills with basic human ethos and values. The Institute shall set forth a model in teaching, research and personality development and create skilled human resources with a sense of responsiveness towards society, the country and the world at large. 


The mission of CUG is to provide access to quality education and create opportunities for encouraging the candidates to effectively engage with emerging innovations and technological challenges, international competitiveness and leadership in thought as well as in action. CUG is also conscious of the importance of developing entrepreneurial and scholastic abilities for the creation of knowledge, wealth and prosperity for the country as well as peace and happiness for human beings.

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